Fool’s Errands

Today we bring you a sneak peak into the work of new collective Fool’s Errands


What is your relationship to ideas of storytelling? Are they important to you?

It is in storytelling that our interests in photography, literature, illustration, print and animation come together. Our work tries to re-animate more tangible forms of storytelling, often involving a handmade approach. Through animation the story is kept alive, the original narrative continually pasted upon. We are interested in photography’s grey area between reality and fiction. Our work looks to peel away the surface level of the every day and play with its infinite stories.

Everything Was Moving [still_ image 2] by Fool's Errands

Whilst your work is rooted in photography, what is your relationship to other mediums, be they painting, video or literature?

As both artists and writers, literature remains at the core of everything we do. We want to explore as many avenues as possible, particularly playing with photography through different mediums. Its connection to reality is the perfect starting point for inventing new stories.


What are you working on at the moment? How much can you tell us about it?

We are working on a project that explores our interests in music and live performance. Inspired by the idea of storytelling through music, our next video will similarly use photography to create something visually stimulating to encourage a fresh and contemporary approach to classical music.


What other practitioners are you most excited to be showing alongside?

Jason Dee, Stephen Gill, Maja Daniels & Anne Hovad Fisher, and Alec Soth – we are big fans of Little Brown Mushroom.