Tom Pope and Terrence Smith 7 Days, 7 Questions: Day 1

When Tom Pope and Terrence Smith embarked on their seven-day journey between London and Brighton by tandem bicycle, we asked them to answer one question per day. During the journey they applied strict rules, including not speaking to each other, turning their collaborative journey into a performative event captured in the experimental film Silent Fore to Aft.

We will be publishing a question and their collaborative text and photographic answers each day culminating with the premiere of Silent Fore to Aft between 6-10pm on Saturday 18th October at Circus Street Market in a specially designed truck trailer. The following day at 2pm, Tom Pope and Terrence Smith will hold an artist talk about the project at the University of Brighton, Grand Parade. Book your free place here.

Day 1

What did you discover today?

“He who knows does not speak;

He who speaks does not know”

– Lao Tao

This agreed mutual muteness between Tom and I opened my ears to an interior and exterior loudness. I hear a bird singing outside the opened window, an elderly couple talking, the curtains draw and close with the breath of the wind, which creeks the window pane, and upon hearing each of Tom’s mindless inhalations I notice that mine follow a similar pattern. In these motionless moments my own insecurities and thoughts deafen any possible silence. There is no such thing as silence, only a continual symphony of sounds, all of which enter and escape me.

– Terry

Tom question 1

– Tom